why does my spotify stop playing after 10 seconds 2022

why does my spotify stop playing after 10 seconds 2022

Spotify is the most used music application through out the globe. Spotify has more no of active users with the premium subscription all over the world. It provides the best music on the daily bases so the people have attracted to it very fast.

In this article I am here to provide the best information on the topic why does your spotify stop playing after 10 seconds in 2022. So follow the below steps to know why it’s is stops for a while, and also you can fix the issues in your spotify application as well.

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If some songs have not saved for offline listening, then while you play the music then it stops for 9 to 10 seconds in between the song. If you have the same issue facing with these issues follow the below steps to know more.

How do I fix my spotify glitch

Clear your spotify application cache and to have a clean install. Do this step in the mobile phone or in the android, because it makes much easier to clear your cache in the application. It will also allows the app to rebuild a new, and uncorrupted set of the data in the spotify.  Go to the settings and then go to Apps

Now go to the stetting in the spotify application and then apps. Then go to Spotify and then Storage and cache. Tap on the clear cache, you should also tap on clear on the data

Why is spotify stopping after 9 – 10 seconds

Playback stops after 10 seconds could you try restarting your device. If that doesn’t help try a clean re – install of the app, just follow these steps. If the issue persists try using out everywhere and remove offline devices options from your spotify account.

So follow the above information to better understand about why your spotify is getting some glitch while playing the songs for the 9 – 10 seconds. Also fix the issue of it by referring the information provided in the above section.

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