why does my spotify keep crashing 2022

why does my spotify keep crashing 2022

Working the spotify is awesome, but when sometimes the music is just keeps pausing for the no reason. Here we think about the various reasons why it’s not working. It may be any reason but how to fix the problem is important here.

So here in this article I will provide you some of the fixes where spotify doesn’t crash at anytime. I will give you the simple and easy ways to fix these kind of problem. At end of the article you will be able to know the topic why does your spotify keep crashing , and their solutions to fix.

Restart your device

One of the most ways to correct issue with the spotify is restart your device. You can restart you mobile phone or your computer by pressing the home button to restart. You must make ensure that your device power down at least for about 15 seconds before restarting.

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Check your network connection

Also you make sure that your wifi router is working and it’s better to restart your wifi router. This makes your wifi will start with fresh.

Turn off your low power mode

All the devices have the option of low power mode, which reduces the background activity. Low power mode cuts off background refresh for apps shouts automatic mail retrieval and stops downloads. In other situations where it will effect to spotify playing.

Turn off data saver mode

If you on the data saver mode in your device, that reduces the internet data taking for spotify and effect to load to play quality music, that makes the pausing the music. So make sure that your data saver must have in off mode only.

Sign out every everywhere in other devices

One of the reasons why your spotify is pausing is, when you login in multiple devices. This makes to pausing your music in spotify. So make sure that you log out every where in other devices. To do this go to spotify application and tap to sign out from every device and again login once in only one device to listen the songs qualitatively.

Reinstall your spotify application

In the above any methods are not working at last you must have to uninstall your spotify application from your mobile phone or in your computer device. Delete the app and remove all traces of the spotify and reinstall the application again.

So these are the some the reasons and solution for why does your spotify keeps crashing. Follow the above so that it can resolve your problem.

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