when is spotify wrapped 2022

Spotify provides best streaming service to listen the audios which was founded by Daniel and Martin Lorentzon in 2006. This is the biggest streaming service for listening to music in an application and website. Spotify has 365 million active users in every month, and till now more than 165 million users have subscribers taken premium membership, this is according to the reports of June 2022.  This application have offered many free music to the users with copyright, and many podcasts.

There are many streaming services which provide recorded audios and in them spotify is one them. Spotify application has many better features which provide users to listen songs and many podcasts which are recorded. Spotify new application can recorded the songs or audios for a year, this application have come with new features which will gives users to use the application very efficiently. Other exposure is that Spotify is going to launch in 2022 that is Spotify Wrapped. We will know more information about the spotify wrapped 2022 in detail in below paragraphs.

How to find spotify wrapped and How to share spotify wrapped

You can share easily to your spotify wrapped to your friends or other groups or share in his/her social media platform with simple manner. Follow the below steps to share your spotify wrapped to your friends.

Open your mobile and open spotify application. You can see button called sharing at the end of the every slides. Go to more option, Then share the stats right to your friends. Then also users can also copy the link and share it to any social media platform.

Before following the above steps in your application, at first you should have an account in your phone in Spotify application.

At this point, users can not access any type of spotify wrapped stories which are there in the past years. Because the stories which are available  should have a limited short duration. The users could watch the wrapped stories in the past December, and the stats would not be available in the next month starts. But the users can access through the playlist from the last spotify wrapped. There are many songs which the users have listened in the past years. To access the past listened playlist follow below steps.

  • Go to the search bar.
  • Enter the year number, which you have to access.
  • Once entered you will get all the results which you have listened in that year.

On which date spotify wrapped will come out

As of now, the management of spotify have not gave any particular date for the spotify wrapped 2022. Even though, the features of spotify wrapped is almost added to its catalog in each year, especially in the month of December. Spotify wrapped is came out on 6th Dec 2017, also in the year 2018 also the same dates when spotify wrapped came out. In 2019 spotify wrapped is came out on 9th Dec and in 2020 it was came on 2nd Dec.

Every year Spotify is launching the unique feature for accessing to the millions of users, users need to go to the spotify official website and should connect to the spotify wrapped site to your account in the mobile application of spotify. The users can access to the stats of spotify wrapped in the official spotify website or in an application, it is available readily and its public too.

Spotify wrapped is the total history of the user from first day of January to the last day of October in that year only. These history of the users will be get in the spotify wrapped 2021 in the month of December.

How to use in personal mode of listening the audio in spotify wrapped

Some of the users are not likely to know there friends or anyone which audio you are listening, so these users can listen in personal mode or private listening mode which is also called Private Session. This method will not be get accessed by your friends or anyone, nor these method will not be saved in the history also. To set up this method follow the below steps.

  • Open Spotify application and go to Home.
  • Click to Settings bar,
  • And go to Social menu
  • Click to private Session.

If you have followed the above steps then you will be set your spotify application in the Private Session. In which no one access to your listened audios and songs.

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