What is koo app used for

What is koo app used for

Koo app is mostly used for the alternative for the application twitter. This application has got more active users especially in the indian country. Currently Koo application is running successfully and have got more active users from throughout the globe. This application is developed by the indians they are Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatka. Read more about the topic What is koo app used for.

Koo app is one of the most used apps in India, from when indian government have banned some the chinese applications like shareit, Mi browser pro and many. One of the most used chinese apps in india was TikTok, this application were also banned in india.

Koo application have  got more high expectations when india have banned the chinese apps, and also got high number of active users to this application.

Why Koo app is used in India in more numbers

Koo application in india is used in more numbers because, Koo app is Made in India. This is the main reason why people of india use koo application more effectively than other country apps.

What for Koo app is used

Koo application is same as the twitter, we can say that koo app is the alternative use for the twitter. In which people can express themselves in their koo application which is same as the twitter application.

Koo app will also supports the voice over to the public, and also allows us to express any thing to anyone from our koo application account. This application has features like audio, image, video and message formats features. In which those who has the accounts in the koo application they can express anything through any of the features which are in available. 

The Koo application is supporting almost all languages from the india, some of them are Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Hindi, Assamese, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali and many more languages which supports in koo application.

How Koo app is downloaded 

What is koo app used for

Koo application is available to the both users i.e IOS and for Android users. This application is readily available in the Apple app store ans also in the Play stores.

If you want to download the koo application in your PC or in mobile phone follow the below steps 

Go to play store and search for Koo app. Click on the koo named application. And Press to install the application. After some times, signup in koo app through your valid details. Then you are all set to use the koo application

All most, these process is also reflects to those who want to download the application in PCs as well, but you have to go to the official website and download the application in your PC.

How to post on Koo app

Koo app also same as twitter, after your successful login into the koo app, their is a symbol called “ + “ which is used for posting your posts. It requires same steps required as we did in the twitter application.

While clicking on the + symbol, you can post any thing related through the available features like posting video or twitting the messages or posting the images with message anything it may be.

So, koo application is one the best and foremost use applications in india, advantage is that it supports in almost all languages present in india. So it reaches to many of the people to use the application. Currently koo app has 50L active users and play store downloads from india itself. 


In this article I have explained you ablout the topic what is koo app used for. It is the alternative for the social media i.e twitter. Thew features in the koo application is same as the twitter. So there are most chances are there to use the application in very efficient manner. Especially in the india, is supports to many languages so it reaches to the majority of the people in india.

Koo app is also used when your profile is not created in twitter and you want to create a twitter account, then koo application is the best way to create account and use in efficient way.

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