https // activate code

https // activate code

Plex TV is a free streaming hub for the smart tv users developed by the plex. Plex provides an organization where it has videos, audios and photos which can use by the users. Plex provides totally free to watch all movies present in it.

In this article let us know how we can get the activation code for plex tv as well as how we can activate the plex tv automatically in your devices.

How to get the activation code for plex tv

At first open your plex tv account and click on the sign in menu. Now plex will provide you a plextv link and below it has a four characters code. Click on the link on your phone or desktop and type the code given by the plextv and click to link menu below.

If you got account link is successful then the plex tv is successfully activated to your phone or your needed device. If you  got the message that account is not linked, then try the above steps to get activated your plex tv fast in your preferred device.

After the successful of activating the plex tv link then you can start streaming of all the available movies on this website without subscription. Plex tv is fully free.

How to automatically sign into the plextv

Now let’s know how to automatically sign into your plex tv app on your smart tv. Automatic sign in makes you very easy to watch the movies very quick. So that you don’t need to sign in every time you go on stream in the smart tv.

Follow the below steps to know how to automatically sign into the plex tv, after this it doesn’t ask you to sign in every time to watch.

Open your plex tv and sign into your plex tv account first time. Click on the My account / Profile on the top left and select profile. After clicking to account profile, it takes you to your account settings. Now scroll down and select the settings menu and click on it

After clicking to settings, it presents many options, select to General. Select to general and scroll to Automatic Sign in menu side. Check the box of Automatic sign in menu. Now it is ready to use

Once you go the process of automatic sign into your device, when ever you stream you need not to again activate the plex tv website. It will be automatically signed in with help of username and the password provided by you when the starting stage.

The username and your password must not share with anybody, so that your personal data can not be known to anybody. Do the above process carefully so that it might not occur the error while you activating your plex tv account with activation code.

So in the above data we have know the topics how to activate the plex tv account and how to automatically sign in your plex tv account in smart tv.  

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