How to pay Spotify using GCash 2022

How to pay Spotify using GCash 2022

Spotify is one the most developed service, in which it provides the audio services in the world.  Spotify has more than 10 million active users, month by month the users are gradually increasing in Spotify application or website.

Spotify provides all the audios with free of cost, but without ads free, so many of the users will do there subscription in Spotify application for listening the songs, podcasts and many more. If someone does the Spotify premium then those users can listen the songs with ads free means that ads will not be played in between and the users can not get disturbed with any ads.

So, I am here to tell you in detailed about how to pay Spotify using Gcash 2022. I will explain in very simple and easy process on the topic how to pay Spotify using Gcash.

Therefore, In order to pay to Spotify a user must have a Gcash account and be ready with the Gcash downloaded application from any of the stores. It requires some small steps to open a account, So before paying to Spotify you should have a Gcash account in which you pay from here.

After opening the Gcash account make sure that you have a enough money to pay, if not there sufficient money then add enough money to pay to Spotify. And also make sure that you know your Gcash pay security code for further need, because it should be typed when you pay to Spotify premium or subscription So be carefull.

Once you know you security code then go to Spotify website or Spotify application and login with your userid. You can also connect with Facebook or continue with Apple. You can follow any of the steps for login process.

How to pay Spotify using GCash

Follow the below steps for paying to Spotify using the Gcash account, the process is very simple and easy to pay

.First go to Spotify application or official website and login to your account in Spotify. At top of the first page you will find a menu called Premium click to it. It will redirect to other page where page shows all the plans which Spotify has. Scroll down the page and you will find all the plans

Plans like Individual, Duo, Family and Student. Choose one of those for which you are looking for. For example, I will choose to Individual plan and proceed forward press to Get Started. And then select to Monthly Subscription menu, you will find the options for payment of the plans.

Use the American Express virtual pay account from Gcash, and type the required details for the payment and press enter. After all typing the required details, press to Start My Spotify Premium. Once you enter to the start plan, Spotify premium is all set to listen.

After your payment you will get the information passing that You’re Premium now and Welcome to Premium in the Spotify  application or in the website.

How to know your payment is successful or not

How to pay Spotify using GCash 2022
How to pay Spotify using GCash 2022

Go to profile menu in Spotify application. And then you will find your next expiring date. Also you will get the information from the Gcash, that you have made payment to Spotify

How to know you are in Premium

Go to the profile menu in Spotify account. And then your profile page is get popup telling that Spotify Premium

In this page you can see the message called Ad-free music. So you are right a head for listening the songs without ads

This confirms that you are in Premium mode.

Advantage of Spotify Premium

If a user has the Spotify Premium account then following advantages will be reflected to that users

  • Listen songs with Ad-free music
  • User can also listen in offline mode
  • User can do unlimited skips


In the above article I have gave the best and easy way of How to pay Spotify using GCash 2021. You can follow to those process and make your Spotify payment using Gcash account. While you are doing the payments do not type any wrong details because it may damage you a lot.

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