How To Mark An Image and Text as a Spoiler on Discord

How To Mark An Image and Text as a Spoiler on Discord

What is Discord ?

Discord is an Application used to chat, make video calls and talk with any friends. It is not only used in the home needy purpose but also used for business purpose also. Discord is most popular application used by many people across the world. Discord application has more than ten millions active users throughout the global.

Let’s see how to make an image and text spoilers on mobile phone as well as on Desktop.

Making a Text spoiler on Discord through Desktop

Method I

First way of making spoiler. Firstly open the Discord application in Desktop, as you enter in you will find a message typing bar at bottom. If you want to write a text spoiler then type two pipes symbols ‘||’ and write you message followed by and close the pipe symbols. For example, || Hello, this is me || and press enter. Then you will get a perfect spoiler to your opponent.

Method II

Second way of making spoiler. Open Discord application on your Desktop, and find the message bar at the bottom of your Desktop. Type /spoiler message and enter, you will get a another way of sending the spoiler. For example, /spoiler this is your message and type enter to make spoiler. This is also results in spoiler message to your opponent person.

Making a Image spoiler on Discord through Desktop

How To Mark An Image and Text as a Spoiler on Discord
How To Mark An Image and Text as a Spoiler on Discord

Making a image spoiler is very easy in Desktop, follow the below steps to do image spoilers in Discord.

Open you discord application and to message bar. There you will find a plus symbol, click on it. Choose the image of your choice and click to mark as spoiler checkbox, and then click to upload button. As you click enter button a image spoiler is made and send to your opponent. To reveal the spoiler, simply click on it and the spoiler will be downloaded.

We have seen how to make an image spoilers and text spoilers on desktop device. Now let us see how to make the spoilers on a mobile phone.

How to make a text spoiler on mobile phone

Take your mobile phone and install Discord application in your mobile phone. Open Discord application in mobile phone and follow below steps to perform making text and image spoilers in your mobile phone.

Making spoilers in mobile phone is as same as making spoilers in desktop device. To make text spoiler find the message bar and type two pipe symbols followed by message and close the pipe symbol and press enter. For example || Here enter your message || press enter. Then your text spoiler is sent to your opponent.

Another way of making the text spoiler

How To Mark An Image and Text as a Spoiler on Discord
How To Mark An Image and Text as a Spoiler on Discord

/spoiler here enter your message, and press to send symbol. For example /spoiler message you want to sent and click to send button for sending the text spoiler to your opponent. These two ways are easy to make spoilers on your mobile phone.

How to make a image spoiler on your mobile phone

Making an image spoiler on mobile phone is somewhat different from making the an image spoiler on desktop device. So let us know how to make an image spoiler on mobile phone, follow the below steps to do it

You can make an image spoiler easily, at first you should have keep your image on your discord application. After you put your image on discord, copy your image’s link. If you want to make a spoiler image, just hold that image and scroll down little bit and copy image’s Media link.

Now you want to make spoiler image so we need pipe symbols again ||. Here type two pipes and make a space, paste the copied media link and again a space after that again type two pipes. Now click to send button, an image spoiler will be created and sent to your opponent. For example, || paste your media link you have copied || and press to sent button.

This is how we make spoilers like Text as well as image spoilers on desktop as well as on mobile phones. It is easy to make spoilers in discord appilication.


Discord is a very most popular application, where more than ten million active users are using this application on both mobile as well as on desktop devices. Here I have explained you about how to make a text and an image spoilers on both mobile phones as well as on desktop devices.

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