how to ghost ping on discord 2022

how to ghost ping on discord 2022

Discord is an application in which many users are involved in and communicate each other in simple manner, here a user can interacted with one or more users or friends. This application was lunched in 2015, actually discord is used for communicating with friends while playing the games in the PC. This application can capable of more users for interaction.

The meaning of Ghost in discord

Ghost is a most used word in the discord application, because it means when a friend wants to chat or communicate with his friend only in the presence of all the users with out passing or knowing the information to others. This is where we say that Ghost communication.

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Ghost communication is done only between tagged users only, example if you want to send a secret message to your friend only then you will types the message in such a way that the message will not shown to others, typed message is only accessed by that used for whom you have tagged. So this is what ghost means in discord application.

how to ghost ping on discord 2022
how to ghost ping on discord 2022

The meaning of ping in discord

Ping is a most used word in the discord application, it means that when you tag your friend or anyone you call, that is called the word ping. Generally this word is used for tagging the friends or any people. So when you call or tag someone, we used the word ping.

Let us see how to apply the Ghost ping on discord application, new feature came in 2022. I will provide you the best and easy way of applying the ghost ping in the discord application 2022.

The following steps are followed for doing the ghost ping in the discord application

Open your discord application and be ready where you want to start your conversation with friend or anyone else. Type your message of any number of lines. And followed by type this symbol after typing the message like ||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​|||||||||@username.

Tag your friend at the last of the symbol by starting with symbol @ like shown above. For example, if I want to send message to my friend or someone then. Hello this is my secret message ||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​||||​|||||||||@username_of_someone

At the last you should tag your friend by @username, if you don’t specify your friend or someone name then the message is seen by all the people who are present in the same group. Make sure that you type the same syntax as above example.

After typing all formatted text as above then press enter or send where you wanted to communicate, the sent message will be appeared to only that person for whom you have tagged. This is how you can communicate secretly with your friend in the presence of all the people, any way that message is not shown to anyone.

how to ghost ping on discord 2022
how to ghost ping on discord 2022

How to Ghost ping from laptop or PC

The above followed method is not change for the devices like laptop or PC, it is same for all the devices you work with. The above method is applicable for any of the devices, it will work in laptop or PC and also works in mobile phone as well.

Ghost ping can do only one manner in discord application  which is explained in the above information. The only one method which works in any devices like laptops, mobile phones and PC’s as well.


In the above information I have explained in detailed about how to apply the or how to send Ghost ping in discord application 2022. It is easy and simple process to do, I have explained you in easy way of implementing the Ghost pings in discord application.

So while sending  the Ghost pings once cross check whether you have typed the syntax in correct manner or not, because if you type wrong syntax the secret message which you have sent will be seen by all the people who are present in that current group.

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