how to fix your keyboard on ipad – 3

how to fix your keyboard on ipad – 3

Now a days many of us use ipads, because it is used for many purposes. So in between you may be getting some the issues while using the ipad. The issue is what ever it may be. I’m here to provide the solution to those issues in this article.

In this article let us know about the topic how to fix your keyboard on ipad – 3, sometimes you ipad keyboards not showing up or it’s not working and how to fix this issue. I will be providing you the best way to solve the issue on hoe to fix you keyboard on ipad.

how to fix your keyboard on ipad

You have to force restart your ipad, to do this you have to press both volume and power button all together. Now you will be display a swipe button in the up wards, you have to swip it to power off this so this. First you must this process to go further.

The next step is to checking for the updates, just make sure itself that it is on the latest version of the ios. To do this go to settings, nd then go to general now check for software updates can check if any updates are available. If the updates are available, just update to the latest version. This is the second method you have to follow on

Settings -> General -> software update

Now the third method, it is all about the reset device settings, to do this you have to go to general then you have to scroll down and click on reset then go for reset all settings. Now you have to give the respective password to proceed in between, reset all settings and check yourself whether the ipad keyboard is working or not.

If it is not working go to the next step, so next step is all about make sure itself that the Bluetooth is not turned on. So if turn it on then you have to kindly turn it off. And the next thing is all about just make sure itself that you are having enough battery, but if it is not available just charge yourself and check yourself whether it’s working all good or not.

These are once which about some of the possible workarounds you have to try when your ipad keyboard not showing up or it’s not working.

The above solution is works for nay kind on ipad, whether it may ipad, ipad3 as well. Different versions may have different features but the solution is same to all of those. So try the above solution to fix you keyboard in your ipad.

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