how to connect fire tv stick to wifi without remote

how to connect fire tv stick to wifi without remote

Sometimes you may get lost your fire tv stick and you may wandering how to connect and start the fire tv with some devices. You can connect and control your device with some of the devices around you. Don’t worry I will tell you the solution so that you don’t occur this kind of problems at any time.

In this article we are knowing about the topic how to connect fire tv stick to wifi without remote. Actually you can do it with easy steps and it is very easy to connect. So follow the below information to connect your fire tv to wifi without remote.

You can connect your fire tv with wifi and can be controlled with the help of smart phone. It may be through android or iphone. Make sure that you have two devices a side and your fire tv as well. And also make sure that you have some internet to your using phone.

How to connect fire tv stick to wifi without remote

Here our problem is we have no remote that may be lost somewhere, and we need to connect our fire tv to wifi through phone. For which we can use fire tv remote app for your smartphone, to control fire stick. But it only works when both phone and fire stick are on the same wifi network. And your fire tv stick is already set to work on your home wifi network.

You just need two smart phones, one to create hotspot and the other to control fire stick. As one smart phone can’t connect to its own wireless hotspot for its network connection. You also need to know the SSID and password of the last network which you have connected your amazon fire stick.

First, we will use first device to create a hotspot and set the SSID and password of hotspot the same as your home wifi network. The one that fire tv is already connected, and then we can install the fire tv remote application on the second device phone. Connect it to the old hotspot and use it control fire stick.

Once you are able to control fire tv stick with a phone application, we will easily connect the fire stick to the new wifi network.

In the first device we will set up the wireless hotspot, suppose you have an android, Go to settings > wifi and setup SSID and password as same your home wifi network. The one that the fire tv stick was already connect to. and connect to your hotspot your phone, as soon as it connects it will message you that your network is connected to the internet.

Now take the other phone and install and run the Amazon fire tv application on your second phone. Once the app is installed on the second device, connect to the wireless hotspot you created in the first device.

Once connected, open the fire stick app in the second phone and you will be able to see and control your fire stick listed there. You can go to home, move around using touch or even use the keyboard or voice control to type many things you want.

make sure that you have the internet connection well so that you don’t get disturb in between.  So these are the above steps to follow on how to connect fire tv stick to wifi without remote, this is the one of the solutions, there are other solution too but this one is the best and easy once.

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