How to connect aha App to tv

How to connect aha App to tv

Aha app is the recently started once, in which it provides latest and many old movies which are released in the theaters. It is the best application to watch latest web series and latest movies. To watch all these your need to get an account in the aha app, which is premium once.

If you are getting board at your free times, want some smile on your faces with many actions, romantic and many movies, just try download the aha application which provides all the services. And you can also watch them on the TVs as well. So you required some of the guides to connect the aha app to your TV.

I am here to provide in detail information about the topic how to connect aha application to your any TV. You can watch all the movies, web series in HD mode in your TV with all your family. Follow the below steps to provide the best way to connect the aha application to your TV.

How to connect aha app to tv

At first you want to watch the movies in your tv, you need to download the aha application in your tv. Switch your tv and click on the play stores. Now search for the option aha in the search bar and download the aha application in your tv.

How to connect aha App to tv
How to connect aha App to tv

Now when you are finish with completing the download aha app, then click on open menu to open the aha application. As you entered in the aha app, you need to login in your tv as well to watch the movies. So follow the steps carefully.

You will see the many menus at the left side of aha app, click on the LOGIN to get sign in your tv. You can login in to aha app in two ways, they are with the help of email and password and with the help of code. When you click on the send code button, aha will send you a code by that process you may login. If you choose to code method

Click on SIGN IN WITH CODE, option now you will get a code on your tv sent by the aha app. Now open any browser in your phone that, aha.vedio or go to official website of aha, then click on the menu button in the left side on aha app in your phone. You will find many options to click but, click on the settings below.

Now you will display your all account information in the aha app, check it once. Then serch for the option DEVICE MANAGEMENT, option and click on it. You will get a pop up message, their your should type your code which is displaying in your TV, sent by the aha application. And then click on the ACTIVATE.

As you click on the Activate button your will get an message that device has been activayed! In your phone. And aha app in the TV also gets logged in. and now you can search for any movie and watch on your preferred TV with the HD mode with your family members. Now you are ready to watch all your favourite movies.

When aha is not connected

Aha application is not connected when you type the code wrong, which was sent by the aha app in your TV. So you must make sure that you are typing the correct code in your aha application in your phone.

And the another issue where you not get connected the aha app, is when you don’t have an aha premium account. So every one must have the premium account in aha in order to watch all the movies which are streaming in the aha application. Or else you need to ask the account from your friends, who have a premium account in aha.

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