A conference call is a phone call that allows a group of people to talk with each other at the same time using a mobile phone, landline, or internet connection.

A conference call’s main advantage is that it allows people to engage in conversations without being physically present in the same room. If they have a working phone connection, whether it’s a cell phone, a landline, or an internet connection, they can join in the chat from anywhere using their iPhones.

A conference call not only keeps costs down, but it also allows you to speak with friends or coworkers who may be scattered across the nation, saving you money on travel expenses and expense claims for lodging and meals.

You may not know it, but your iPhone can have conference calls with up to five people at the same time, including yourself.

You can even split the session into private calls with individual participants or hang up the phone for only a few people.

Everything you need to know about conference calling on the iPhone is right here.

On your iPhone, how do you begin a conference call?

Open the Phone app and dial your first participant’s number as usual. Once the call is connected, inform your participant that they will be placed on wait for a short time while you dial in the next individual. Under the plus sign “+” icon, tap Add Call. You can call the next person whatever you like. To make a call, choose someone from your contact list or tap one of the icons at the bottom of the screen – Favorites, Recent, Contacts, or Keypad.

Tap Merge Calls after the next participant responds to combine the calls into a single chat. You can repeat the process to add other participants to the call: touch add call, place the call, then combine the call. Depending on your carrier’s restrictions, you can add up to five people.

Note: If your iPhone doesn’t have a “add call” button, put the first caller on wait and then use the keypad to dial the next number. To join the calls, tap the merge button.

You can also add a caller to a conference call that is already in process. Tap Hold & Accept when the call comes in, then tap Merge Calls.

How to use your iPhone to handle a conference call

You can go “private” with a select participant or hang up on callers one at a time once your conference call is in progress.

To do so, go to the top-right corner of the screen and hit the blue I icon. You’ll see a list of all the call participants, along with buttons to end the call or communicate privately with them.

The only person who can access the list of all callers is the person who started the conference call. You can view a list of merely the persons you’ve added if you didn’t start the call but added a participant.

You can still use your iPhone while on the call


If you press the Mute button, other people will no longer be able to hear you, but you will still be able to hear them.

To quit the call screen, simply hit the Home button to go check Twitter, read a document, or do something else. After that, you can use your iPhone as usual. You can still listen and speak to others in your conference call, and you can return to it by tapping Touch to go back to call at the top of your iPhone screen.

You won’t be able to exit the conference without ending it, therefore you won’t be able to hand over management of the chat to someone else.

Tools for alternative conferencing

If your provider does not support the capability on your iPhone, you may need to utilize an alternative conference calling facility to make the connection. Fortunately, there are several services that can help you with this:


Apple’s free Group FaceTime service will work over both Wi-Fi and LTE networks. The only drawback is that everyone in the conference must be on FaceTime and using an Apple device.


Google Hangouts is a video conferencing service provided by Google.

This free service allows up to 25 participants to participate in a video or audio conference call. The only issue is that you’ll have to let Google into your life even more.


Skype is a powerful tool that you may already have free access to through your Office 365 account. It allows you to make voice conference calls using both landlines and mobile phones.

Uber Conference Call:

Up to ten persons can use the free phone and VoIP audio. It also allows you to share your screen and documents.

Free Conference Call:

A service that claims to be able to handle up to 1,000 calls at any given time. Your device can be used to control the meeting.


It’s worth noting that if your iPhone is making a call over Wi-Fi or LTE, the Add Call button may be inactive. It is a GSM function. If you’re calling over Wi-Fi, you might notice that the Add Call button activates after you disconnect.

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