Getting everyone together to meet up these days can be challenging due to busy schedules. That is why conference, or group, calls exist. This means you don’t have to get all of your pals together in one area to connect. Simply call each of your friends, merge the calls, and speak away. The best part is that you can do it right on your Android phone!

With the advancement of technology, a growing variety of professions may now be completed from a distance. Because so much work can be done offsite, it’s more crucial than ever to be able to hold a conversation no matter where you are. Smartphones enable you to hold a formal conference call at any time and from any location. We’ll go through what a conference call is, when and how to participate using an Android phone, and how to make it professional in this article.

What is the definition of a conference call?

When three or more individuals are talking on the phone at the same time, it’s called a conference call. Most mobile devices can only handle five or six conference call participants at a time, but there are premium and free hosting companies that can handle much more. The objective of a conference call is to allow people who are in different places or time zones to conduct a meeting.

How to conference call using Android

Start the Phone app on your Android device. On your home screen, look for the Phone app icon. To begin, simply tap the icon. Enter a phone number or look up a buddy to call. You can either type your friend’s phone number directly into the number field or look for him/her in your address book. To find a buddy in your contacts list, open the Phone app, press “Contacts,” type your friend’s name in the top search area, and tap his or her name in the results.

Place the Call. Tap the green call icon at the bottom of the page once you’ve entered a phone number or picked a friend to contact, and then wait for your contact to answer the call. Tell your friend to put the phone on hold. When your friend answers the phone, greet him and tell him to hold for a few seconds as you contact another colleague to join the conference call.

Make another phone call. Tap the Add Call (+) icon on the smartphone after asking the first buddy to hold. Enter the second colleague’s phone number in the field below, or choose him/her from your phone contacts by hitting “Contacts” and selecting his/her name. To call the second friend, tap the green call icon at the bottom and wait for him or her to respond.

Merge the calls together. Merge your calls once the two pals are on hold by clicking “Merge calls” on the screen. The Add Call icon will be replaced by a button. Your calls to your two pals will be combined, and the three of you can now begin conversing. Increase the number of friends on your conference call. If you want to invite more people to the conference call, make sure the first two calls have merged before inviting a third.

That is because the Add Call icon will be replaced by the “Merge Calls” button after the first two friends have been called. The “Merge calls” button will be switched with an Add Call icon after combining the following call to a third friend. Add more people to the conference call. You can have up to 6 individuals join in depending on your provider.

Why am I unable to participate in a conference call?


The major reason you keep getting the unable to conference call warning when you try to start a conference call is because your network provider has disabled it, or it was never enabled in the first place. Simply contact your network provider and request that the feature be restored.


You may hold a conference call with up to six people, including yourself, using only your Android phone. This capability is available on most Android phones, making it simple to host a conference call without the use of third-party software.

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