how old do you have to be to drive for lyft

how old do you have to be to drive for lyft

lyft is public service company, in which it was founded in the year 2012. The lyft founders are Logan Green and John Zimmer, both are founded to this lyft company for the service of the people. Lyft is serviced in the areas like united states and the Canada.

Only in the united states and in the Canada the lyft will be serviced, lyft is the private company. It headquarters are in the San Francisco, California in the United States. Lyft got more hype from the year 2013 and people are using more often in these two countries.

In this article let us know about the topic how old you should be to drive for lyft, in order to get accepted by the lyft. There some of the requirements which must need to those who want to drive for lyft. So I am here to clarify those requirements so that you get accepted for lyft quickly.

Age required to drive for lyft

If you are interested to work in lyft as a driver, then you need to have some age limit to work with lyft. Lyft officials wants those driver who have the age above 21 years old. The first and foremost requirement to accept as a lyft driver is the age between 21 – 25 . If someone who wants to work with lyft as a driver should not have age below 21 years, chances are there to reject their profiles.

Those who wants to work as a driver in lyft, apply for the license. Because, when you work in lyft they will must asks your license, So that your profile may accepted by the lyft agency.

Requirements tested by the Lyft

Usually lyft will conducts the test level which is most important level for any applicant, because most of the people will get rejected in this test level itself. Some of the things which is tested by the lyft company are follows below

Lyft checks first the age, and decide whether you are eligible or not. Lyft will check to your license, whether it is valid or invalid.  Applicants must have at least one year experience in the field of driving, otherwise chances are more to get rejected their profile

Lyft drivers must have a four doors car. And updated current registration and Insurance of the car. Your vehicle standards should be good. Your vehicle should not have older than ten years

Lyft also checks to your DMV records and background, these follows below

how old do you have to be to drive for lyft
how old do you have to be to drive for lyft

Lyft checks to your violation in the past 10 years. And also things like accidents, traffic violations. They will check on your suspended license and careless driving in the public

Lyft people will come to inspect to your car as well as for the checking to your medical inspection. Your medical report should good means that you should not have any kind of problems, If your medical report got nil then you may eligible to the next level.

If you want to get hired in lyft, at first you must have 21 years. Then you need to have a license, you have to have at least one year experience in the filed of driving the cars.

Then you  have to signup for the lyft, for your more advantage go to those who are already working as a lyft drivers they will refer you to get some bonuses for cost less amount. After applying to lyft, the officials will check to your profile and send to your mail whether you are eligible or not. If they need anything from you they will contact or mail to you for further clarifications.


If someone is looking to work in lyft, the applicants must have the age above 21 years old, not less than this. Also you needed some of the requirements while applying for lyft, those things are mentioned in the above information. Applicants must not have the age below 21 otherwise you may not accepted as a lyft driver.

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