highway code roundabout rules 2022

highway code roundabout rules 2022


Many of don’t the rules that are there hen we cross the highways, in it one of the main rules was roundabout rules. Know more about the roundabout rule and be safe with the accidents and fines on the traffics. In this article I will provide the best information on the topic highway code roundabout rules 2022.

Approaching a roundabout

When you approach a roundabout you must use your indicator if you intend to turn right or left, or make a U-turn at the roundabout. Make sure that you give some road to other users as well to turn for their vehicles.

Entering a roundabout

When you entering in  roundabout make sure that you are driving in slow speed, and as well as give some space to other vehicles to turn which are already in the roundabout. You must also continue to use your indicators if you intend to turn left or right or make a U – turn.

Turning left

When turning left, you must indicate left on approach and be travelling in the left – hand lane, unless there are road markings with other instructions. You must stay in the left lane and you must exist from the left lane only.

Turning right

When you wanted to turn right, make sure that you indicate right on approach. And you must travel in the right hand lane only, unless you see some kind of instructions on the road markings.

Making a U –turn

When you want to take U –turn, make sure that you are in right lane and you must signal the indicate towards the right side of lane.

Changing lanes in a roundabout

Drivers can also change the lanes in a roundabout if they needed. But the usual road rules must be applied when changing the lanes in the roundabout. Make sure that you use your indicator and give some way to other vehicles in the lane those are entering in the roundabout.

Going straight ahead

You don’t need to signal when approaching the roundabout if you are going straight ahead. You may approach the roundabout from either the left or right lane, unless there are road markings with other instructions.

Exiting a roundabout

When you want to exist the road, make sure that you signal left when leaving the roundabout, and also you need to stop the indicating as soon as you exit from the roundabout.

However, when you are travelling straight ahead on a small signal lane roundabout, it may be impractical to indicate when exiting.

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