four easy ways to factory reset ipad without apple id and password

four easy ways to factory reset ipad without apple id and password

There are many ways to reset your your ipad, ipad mini or ipad pro without apple id, and this can be done in many ways. When it comes to resetting ipad without apple id or icloud password iMyFone is always a good choice. Do this follow below.

Lock wiper utilizes the Unlock Apple ID settings which is designed to wipe out all data on your ipad in minutes. Here are the steps to reset your ipad without apple id or cloud password. One thing that should be noticed is that you should make sure you can access your ipas settings, it cannot remove icloud activation lock screen.

You can reset your ipad no matter Find My ipad is on or off, connect your ipad to a computer. Select the Unlock apple ID mode, click on start unlock and several minutes later, it’s done. iMyFone lockwiper is fully compatible with the latest ios version and all models of ipad.

Not only you can reset your ipad without apple ID via this tool, you can also fix any other apple ID problem with ease

How to reset ipad without apple ID with iTunes

Turn off ipad device, and hold down to the home button until your see recovery mode screen. Connect your device to the computer. Now you can see the option to update or reset your device in iTunes. Click Restore, and after this process is done iTune will download and install the latest version of ipad OS on your device. By the way, if Find My has already been disabled you can directly enter your ipad after resetting it.

How to reset apple ID password

four easy ways to factory reset ipad without apple id and password
reset ipad without apple id and password

If the apple id belongs to you, it will be easy to reset your apple ID and password, even if you have forgotten both of them. Apple has provided detailed steps regarding three situations i.e Email, password, security questions, Two – factor authentication and Two step verification.

Go to , click forgot apple ID or password and input your apple ID. If you forgot it, you can go to your iphone’s icloud, iTunes app store. Choose Answer security questions or Get and email to reset your apple ID password. After that, you can use the new password to sign in all of your devices that linked to account

Useful Tips about apple ID password Rest

Backup your important information before resetting to avoid losing them permanently. This is because the ipad reset wipes out all of the data with the aim of restoring the device to its factory state. If there is no backup of your data, you are likely to lose them at the end

Make sure that you have a latest version of iTunes on your computer or Mac device. If you want to use the iTunes option to do a factory reset. If you are planning to reset your ipad or donating it,  then it is important to wipe out sensitive data before handing it over to the new owner.

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