Cheap Certified Translation Service

Cheap Certified Translation Service

Cheap Certified Translation Services

Getting certified translation of all the personal documents is a requirement by the USCIS. It authorizes and indicates that the translation is 100% accurate. A certified translation is the one that fulfills the requirements of a country and enables a document to be used for formal and legal procedures. Some countries consider it necessary that the translated documents get certification only by a certified translator. But in the US, anyone can certify a translation. As a translation agency offering high-quality services, we make sure that our certification services are completely authentic. And therefore, we don’t take any second chances. Our specialty is that we provide certified translation services at cheap and affordable rates. Our low prices and high-quality services make us the best option for you!

What are our certified translation charges? In our affordable Translation service, you can have your translation done at a price of only $20 per page. Since we place the lowest charges, you can also look around for other alternative translation agencies. But consider us as your first option. After searching for a while, you’ll find that there is no translation company in this industry that provides certified translation at such low prices.

Most probably, all the companies charge $45 or $30 for the certified translations, but no company has crossed our cheap rate. We can guarantee that. But this low price is only applicable for a short duration, so grab it before the time.

Which documents do we handle? The US agency requires the certified translation of personal documents. If you need certified translation services or certification of your already translated project, look no further and contact us because we provide these services at cheap rates.

We provide certified translations of all types of documents including; • birth or certificates • marriage or divorce certificates • diplomas, academic degrees/report cards • police reports, criminal records • medical records • driving licenses • passports • any other document you might need for USCIS

If you already live in the United States but your documents are in a language other than English, you’ll first need to get all those documents translated and certified according to the USCIS regulations. Certified Translator

A certified translator is the one who provides certification to a document. According to USCIS, a certified translator is an individual who has passed a certification exam to verify his/her professional translation skills in a certain language. Becoming a certified translator is not a cup of tea for everyone. You need to excel in those skills to be able to certify a document properly.

In case you need ATA-certified translations, you should know that our translation agency is an ATA member as well. ATA generally stands for American Translator’s Association. It certifies translators who want to gain some extra acknowledgment of their skills in the United States. We are proud to say that many of our translators excel in these skills. So, you should choose us for your certified translation services!

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